Conditioning or Creativity

From my abstract Meditation Ink Painting series

This morning I was awakened with a deep knowing that is hard to put into words. Still, I feel inspired to write about it, possibly to share the insight, but also to anchor it in myself. I often have an understanding of intuitive spiritual concepts and feel as though I 'get' it until they rise again to press themselves even deeper into my if some divine artist is shaping the clay that I am, as I shape the creative energy that runs through me.  This morning was one of those times.  I was shown how very much we, in modern America, have been cut off from the power of true creative energy by an intentional conditioning that we do not even realize we are living under.  We use and see creative energy as a way to 'make stuff' rather than as the life force it truly is for the continual betterment of our life experience. This is not natural nor is it by accident. It is by design! Most won't read the whole article because that is how deep our conditioning runs.  If you feel the need to blow off the things I am sharing, try to read on.  I won't go into much detail in hopes that it won't be too much, and that it might just spark enough of a question in your mind to niggle it's way into your own a-ha moment. As you read, keep this thought in mind...'What might I create; how might my art, my work, my contribution, my life look if conditioning were not in place?'

For some time now I have felt a pull to explore the systems we shape our lives around. Those things we participate in without questioning if the arena is truly what it represents itself to be; our healthcare system, our educational system, our religious institutions, our ideas about what constitutes 'work' or career, our political/governmental system, military, etc. I'm not talking about what's "wrong" or what needs "improvement" in these systems, I am talking about the systems themselves and the intentions behind their design or re-design.

As I began to explore, I was profoundly stirred by the intentional manipulation behind all of these systems. Taking education for example, which I think most would agree is a good thing, I never before saw how it was hijacked to intentionally create a dependent 'working class'.  "Study hard and you can get a good job..." "Do well in school and you will have a good career."  What we don't see is that from janitors to Ph. D's  anyone that trades time for money is working 'for' someone else.  We are never told, follow your passion and all your needs will be met.  We are not encouraged from an early age to look for and pursue an education built around those things that call us.  We are grouped together, lined up in rows and taught little that we will ever use in 'real life', as we are programmed to follow instruction and respond to the ringing of a bell. And, it is illegal not to educate our children based on an "approved" curriculum.  ILLEGAL!

I was shown how much of what we are taught in the curriculum has little to do with the truth.  Math, science, history has all been designed to prevent us from accessing the true wonders that will come to light in the not so distant future.  Our most noted scholars will look like kindergarteners in the face of what is really known by those not limited to the systems within our working those who intentionally designed these systems.  But this is nothing compared to what I have found in reviewing some of the very credible whistle blowers that have been surfacing in the last few years to report on the true design behind standardized testing and our school's "gifted" programs true purpose.  MILAB is not a myth.  And while I won't go into it here, if you have a child in school or know someone that does, you might want to learn about it. And this is just our education system! What about all the other systems we involve ourselves in without questioning the set up behind them. What if politics was intentionally designed to make you think you have a choice and that your vote was responsible for change. Wouldn't that keep the fight going between the parties involved? Yes, as it provided a nice distraction to keep us from looking behind the scene at the true manipulators of all our 'systems'!

If you are still reading, I want to share the a-ha I awoke to this morning.  Because I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, I came to the awareness that if Earth (3rd dimension) is a school for our spiritual evolution, then each situation or person we encounter is a lesson.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, let's look at what this truly means.  Any arena that we are conditioned into aborts the spiritual journey. Anything we do routinely, automatically or without questioning divorces us from an opportunity for spontaneous awakening. The systems in place in our lives (school, work, military, religious, etc.) fall under the umbrella of a larger system we never even see. This is the system which divorces us from the potential that lies within complete attention to the moment at hand in every moment. Fascination, curiosity, exploration are our natural states of being!  If we were not zombied out by conditioned routines and systems, exhaustion from their depleting energy drains, and then programmed by the 'news and entertainment' provided for us by the same folks behind all the other systems, who might we be?  How engaged and evolved might we become?  Might we, the masses, surpass those few who have designed and created a society to keep us entranced and entrenched? Ahh..and there it is, the reason this has been done.  Keeping us a 'working class', believing we have to trade time for money so we can buy their goods while they keep us from free energy, abundant food supplies and all that we would ever need to truly live free and cultivate the God-given gifts of creative expression is their purpose.   

I could go on about how they have stolen or circumvented advancements that would have freed us long ago from disease, famine, energy resources, etc., but if you have even read this far you can begin to pull the thread that will let you find all of this for yourselves.  I am just an artist and an earnest mystic.  As one who was trapped in all that I have mentioned, if I could be awakened I trust that anyone can...if they so desire.  Until then I will keep the enlightening energy of creativity focused toward my own awakening and sharing that through art and writing. I will keep sprinkling my bread crumbs and loving those that mock me, believing I have gone off the deep end.  They will awaken, of that I am sure. But if you are one with children, or grand children, please, look sooner rather than later at the systems you involve them in.  You are their guardian, and school is not what you think it is.

Intuitive Artist

The Wheel card from my original tarot deck entitled, Windows On Illusion

What does it mean to be an intuitive artist?  I'd have to say there are as many answers to this question as their are artists.  I believe all artists are tapping into their intuition every time they create from inspiration.  When we just 'let it flow' time literally stands still for us (yes...I know the difference between literally and figuratively) Metaphysically speaking, we personally make less time when we do anything from 'the zone'. That's why it seems like time flies when we do what we love...because it does!  But that's not the focus of this post.  This post is about the desire of an extra-sensory, intuitive artist seeking a like-minded tribe.

I see many artist friends inspired by the events in the world. Especially in light of tragedies like earthquakes, tsunami's, attacks intended to strike fear and devastation.  Then there are those who are inspired to artistic activism by such things as water and food shortage or manipulation, nuclear power, sustainable farming and animal rights.  But what about those of us that are inspired to action by those things most can't see?  

What about those of us tapped into our clair-cognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience?  What of those that are connected to their guides, ascended masters and higher frequency aspects? Sure, we can create art from these inspired connections.  History is full of such works, even though many are still without full understanding by most. This is because a third dimensional mind can not interpret a fifth (or higher) dimensional inspiration.  And our society, our world, at this point in time is functioning at a mostly third dimensional frequency.  Therefore, those artists attuned to higher frequencies of intuitive awareness must be satisfied with the intuitive creative process itself, and the understanding that their work literally (yes, I know) anchors those higher frequencies as energetic templates serving all of humanity.  

This morning I noticed several artists on Facebook inspired by the recent attacks on Paris and other, less reported attacks on countries and people of color.  I found myself wanting to share within a creative community.  I am after all, an artist.  These people are my tribe.  Then I felt myself quietly withdraw.  Would they understand what the Arcturians have shared with me?  Would they even know who this galactic race is? Would they be able to embrace that I can see the energetic conflict that is the true impetus behind the discord on our planet?  Would they be open enough to realize that I can see that this is bigger than politics and religion because it is the forces behind politics and religion that have been running the show for generations....for eons.  The answer is no.  And that's as it should be. I've learned to be ok with working on the outside, looking least I'm free of the matrix/ the illusion/maya...whatever ya want to call it.  But sometimes, the artist in me just wants a like minded group to create with.

There are not clubs or guilds or even forums for intuitive artists that express themselves from these stirrings...these knowings.  We are mostly on our own when it comes to sharing what inspires us.  And for the most part that is okay.  Eventually, if we are resilient, we align with those on the fringe of society that do understand and share these 'abilities'.  We are supported and embraced by those in alternative arenas that know of the great awakening that is upon us.  And we will find a sort of refuge there and our work will flow in the directions it can best serve.  But that doesn't quiet the desire in me, that wishes, just every now and then, that I was part of a group of artists that gathered to meditate, channel and share the energies inspiring us to artistically express individual and group artwork based on the 'reality' we see.  

I have found an arena for teaching the metaphysical applications of creative energy and that is rewarding work.  I love teaching and working with people on how to use creative energy to awaken their intuitive 'abilities'.  And synchronicity is playing it's part by expanding these workshops into transformational retreats.  I know I'm not alone in this desire to connect with like-minded artists.  And to that I say...A guild for extra-sensory artist's....if we build it, they will come!

More On Light Language

In my last post I introduced the subject of light language by sharing a journal page I had spontaneously filled with seemingly foreign symbols and shapes.  In that post I promised to share more about the nature and benefits of using light language.  This post is the "more" that I promised on that subject.  However, I'm only sharing my experiences and the understanding that has come to me through use, exploration and meditation on the subject.  There is more available if you want to research the experiences of others.

Apart from being written, light language can be spoken or sung, moved (as in dancing or signing) and incorporated into art or designs....think crop circles/ice circles, sacred geometry, etc.    While some have the 'gift' of interpretation, for the most part light language, as we know it in our current state of consciousness, is an experience that transcends the rational mind. It is a soulful utterance/movement that allows for emotional expression/release without the interference of thought.  Imagine the expression of deeply felt emotions free from rumination and you have one of the beautiful benefits of light language.  It is a fantastic way to give voice/expression to emotions so deep they transcend thought.  It is wonderful for expressing sorrow as well as jubilation that there simply aren't words for.

The next benefit of light language is the expansion of consciousness it fosters.  When we separate light language from the religious dogma that surrounds it, this "speaking in tongues", opens us to boundless information free from the limitations of doctrine. Freed from such conditioning, it is as if through the ongoing use of light language, a portal for conscious connection to the non-physical aspects of our multi-dimensional self opens.  In this I experience guidance in the form of profound insight.  Because for decades my work has centered on using creative energy for the expansion of consciousness/spiritual growth, my intention has been long set.  Energy follows intention, therefore my use of light language in any form, moves directly into the spiritual questions I carry or the spiritual understanding I seek.  This however is true for me with regard to many forms of creative expression.  My directed creativity has long been a portal for 'downloads' of vast awareness/information and I feel my use of light language has only added to this.

Others teach that light language opens codes in us that unlock a type of remembrance of our limitless nature and allow us to approach the multi-dimensional nature of our being.    This makes sense to me on an intuitive level.  I know that my fascination with crop circles and other forms of sacred geometry is because it calls to me and connects me on a soulful level. I believe this is true of light language as well.

I find myself unconsciously singing or speaking it under my breath throughout the day.  At first this surprised me each time I caught it happening.  Now it is as natural as realizing I was unconsciously humming would be.  Light language is a song my soul is familiar with and that is reason enough for me to enjoy it. There are distinct feeling signatures to these 'languages'.  They do not all sound alike and I have personally experienced several 'dialects'.  Intuitively I glean this as a type of connecting to 'ancestral aspects' of my multi-dimensional being.  We live in the eternal NOW but from our third dimensional perspective everything is separated out...past/present/future.  Because light language and enlightened consciousness transcends such separation, I believe my various aspects of self come through to express themselves from time to time, each speaking a different dialect.

I have experienced spontaneous interpretations following spoken light language 'transmissions'. This has most always been connected to meditation periods or times when I have set the intention to connect in stillness.  One thing I know for certain is that we can all open to light language and each will benefit in their own way.  The quickest way to achieve this is through exposing yourself to it and asking your higher self to facilitate.  Intention is everything!  While I was initiated into speaking it about thirty years ago, only recently have I been writing it.  I learned of written light language, desired it, intended it, and within a few weeks it presented itself.  Now writing it is as natural to me as speaking it.  

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in this to explore and research this subject themselves.   Youtube is full of light language videos.  Yvonne Perry has written a book entitled Light Language Emerging which recounts her experiences around this subject.  But as with anything spiritual, I would caution you to respect your own experience.  Do not latch on to my definitions or anyone else's.  Open to it, move your ego mind aside, let go of judgement and simply allow the experience.  If this doesn't work you are simply 'in the way' of yourself.  For this reason, many prefer an initiation into the experience.  Connect with me or someone in your area that offers this service and do a consultation or attend a workshop.  In doing so you will step into aspects of yourself you can not even imagine.

Light Language

From my notebook....written 'light language'

I first experienced something called 'light language' almost thirty years ago but it didn't have such a cool, new mellineium name back then.  It was referred to as "speaking in tongues" and it happened to me quite spontaneously one afternoon.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, my daughter also experienced this while away at a youth camp organized by the church we were attending at that time.  Like so many things I left behind as I 'out-grew' formal religion, (Pentecostal was my last attempt at seeking Truth through organizations) I abandoned this form of communication as well.  An unexpected reemergence of this 'ability' presented itself once again this week along with the spontaneous ability to write this so called 'light language'.  While on the one hand it fascinated me and I see all sorts of ideas for incorporating it in my artwork, on the other hand I know it is a natural progression of a long spiritual awakening I have been integrating for decades.

A couple of weeks ago my journaling became an automatic writing session in which "The Andromedians of Most High" introduced themselves.  The "Arcturians" later did the same in both written and spoken channelings.  Last year the Ananda collective first came through.  So, here I am, shifting once again into new paradigms of understanding and so grateful for the downloads of understanding that accompany many of these 'transmissions'.  My world is filling in with people who have knowledge of these experiences and it is a testament to the shifting and expansion that unfolds as we step into the creative journey our awakening soul seeks.

I am writing this post because I am being guided to teach these types of communications and am eager to step into assisting anyone interested in touching upon these abilities.  Automatic writing is a powerful portal for communication, and light language is an ancestral part of each of us.  They are a vehicle for transcending the third dimensional timeline and raising one's vibrational frequency to the fifth dimensional New Earth.  Practicing light language activates DNA codes which provide an expansion of your life expression on many levels.  The language can be spoken or sung while you practice your craft or create artwork.  The written light language can be added subtly or featured prominently in the work itself.  I will be adding workshop information to my website for those interested in checking this out for themselves, along with new work incorporating these symbols.  I will also be writing a new post soon that explains the benefits of light language in more detail.

For those reading this that are quite convinced I've gone over the edge, not to worry.... I am suitably grounded for the work I am coming into and have never felt more purposeful in my life.  Connecting to non-physical assistance is nothing new for me as I have been in 'communication' for years.  This is just an expansion of the clair-cognizance I have drawn on for decades and I am excited to share what unfolds.

Intuitive Channeling Through Blank Verse

Why is it easier to point out the weeds in the garden of others than pull our own?  For the most part it is because we really do want to help others.  And.... we really don't want to acknowledge the cries of our own wounds!  That's the truth of it. We shine a very bright light on a deeply hidden aspect of ourselves every time we judge another or their actions.  Those things we admire and desire as positive attributes, we have a hard time locating in ourselves, so we adore them in others.  Those things we disdain or judge as negative in others are equally reflective of a hidden aspect of self.  Weather these things actually exist in the other person or not matters little when it comes to self healing.  If I experience them, they exist or have existed in me.  So, how do I know if they are healed within me or not? There is a trick to recognizing this.  The more emotionally charged I become over the actions of another, the more this aspect is trying to get my attention to be healed inside of me!!!. This doesn't mean that the other person isn't expressing what I see, they may or may not be.  But pointing it out in them will never heal it in me!  Railing at them about it or celebrating them for it will not quench it in me.  And that is what I came to do!  As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, "I do me. For that I came."  In truth, that's what we all came to do.

Channeling blank verse has always been my way of opening to let my higher mind teach me.  This practice has developed into a workshop I teach for introspection through channeled verse.  Below is a piece I was inspired to receive many years ago as I realized that projection was responsible for so many different religions and spiritual teachings.  Enjoy.

Out Of The Woods

We are not
wandering together
lost in a dark, dense wood.

We are,
each of us,
the dark, dense wood
in which we are lost.

The sooner we stop listening to
those calling from the edge
of their perceived freedom,
the sooner we will discover
our own.

It is an inner path....solitary
but with common perspectives
that fool many into believing
it is a shared journey.

Unfortunately, knowing this doesn't mean
I am out of the woods yet....
but remembering it keeps me from
calling to you from the edges.



Ascension Alignment; Bridging Heart, Mind and Will.

A bit of ephemeral art; grass seeds placed in a spiral on a rock in Creede Co.
It's important to understand that some people awaken first at the level of the mind, others first have a heart awakening, while still others are awakened initially at the level of personal will. Not realizing this three-fold journey, is often a stumbling block toward conscious maturity. Unless all three levels are awakened, conscious maturity remains elusive.  A state of awakening in only one arena can seemingly reek havoc within the life experience. Evidence of this is being played out on the stage of human existence right now in a profound way. 

I was recently inspired to listen to what is being said about this pivotal point in time from various platforms/teachers.  New Thought teachers, Jewish mystics, fundamentalist preachers, channelers, and alternative journalists/broadcasters are all weighing in on the global shifts happening at this time.  As I listened I was aware that many of these 'sources' pointed to much the same "evidence" that we are indeed in the time of great change.  Some had more information than others but none contradicted each other in their "evidence".  I was acutely aware that each were accurate in their perceptions....(and this is the important part).... based on the level/frequency (dimension of awareness) from which they were speaking. In other words, while all might see the same patterns in something, they can only interpret and share them from the frequency/level of awakened perception they experience. 

As a biblical scholar points to all the prophetic passages that line up with the occurrences we are seeing in the world they are accurate in their recognition of these 'signs'. But because they are steeped in duality (good vs. evil) their interpretations are wrapped in third dimensional 'warnings'.  Fear is the underlying vibration as they are told to 'repent and get this message to as many as possible for the salvation of their souls.'  From the level of mind, this is a very sincere  message and mission. The trouble is you don't realize that some have transcended this level of frequency and have a completely different interpretation/experience of the same "evidence".  This duality perspective is also true of the alternative news journalist/broadcaster pointing to the 'conspiracy' evidence that lines up with these times.  They too are warning their listeners from the perspective of mind and an attitude of care and concern that is aligned with and interpreted through their third dimension awareness.  Survivalists are largely awake at the level of will.  Caught in third level duality they respond from fear. Fleeing the country, arming themselves against an attack, stockpiling years worth of food/water and getting the message out to as many as possible is their message and mission.  A great one, if you are also perceiving things within this lower 'survival' frequency.

Those experiencing higher, upper third and fourth dimensional frequencies do not demonstrate the same fear with regard to these times because they know what is happening from a higher perspective and they understand these times as a bridge.  Many have in fact been consciously working at calling in the necessary light to anchor these frequencies/times.  They are awakened at the level of heart.  Some have food and water in reserve, cash on hand and other necessities should there be any slow down in getting these things for a while due to weather, banking and shopping issues, etc., but for these, mindfulness, having awakened at the level of heart/mind and will, is the reason rather than the fear and desperation carried in the masses. In moderation it's a smart thing to do, but from a place of conscious awareness rather than fear.  Those only awakened at the level of heart might not prepare at all for the playing out of these shifts on the stage of the world. This will be experienced as difficulty if 'real world' conditions prevent easy access to food, water and money for a time.

I grew up and live in a hurricane zone.  We always took precautions.  I still do.  Knowing what I know with regard to the impending economic shifts, weather shifts and the possibility of going off grid for a while, (awakened mind) I've added to those precautions a bit.  But not from a fearful perspective. I spend a great deal more of my time in prayer, creative meditation and personal awakening as I ground myself in the frequency I choose to align with during this time of great change (heart and will). I chose to be a conscious bridge during these times.  It was and is my reason for being here in this lifetime.  This revelation presented itself as conscious maturity unfolded in me at the level of heart, mind and will.  

Once we have awakened at the level of heart, mind and will we are to continually cultivate the expansion of our awakening.  We can all grow in our awakening no matter the area awakened. Maturity comes when we grow in all three areas.

We are all awakening. We are all moving from lower vibrational densities to higher frequencies.  Some are consciously aware of this while others are not.  But this is what I was made aware of as I listened....'everyone is correct from their level of perception and they are lovingly assisting those that resonate from that same frequency.  Only when we try and change someone who does not see it from our level of perception can conflict arise.  Loving everyone where they are is the way to truly embrace all.  Everyone is serving!  And if we remove the fear from ourselves we can learn something from each perspective....because in the Oneness of All, we are everyone'!

A better use of our time and energy comes from looking within rather than outside ourselves.  Every macrocosm has a microcosmic perspective.  Are you awakened at the level of heart, mind and will???  Or just heart?  Just intellect?  Just will?  I'll do a post later on each of these and what that might look like.  But for now, don't confuse yourself by listening to all the opinions of all the talking heads and wondering whose right and whose not.  Move inside yourself and recognize where you are, where you want to be, and prepare accordingly.

The Akashic and Ascension

Digital self-portrait

Knowing that the eternal 'now' is all that exists and that it truly is where our gifts and abilities lie, I was curious about what part accessing the Akashic Records played in our personal growth and ascension process.   I had pondered the question for a couple of days and posed it to my higher mind.  This morning my answer came as I sat to connect with guidance.  My channeled writings are first and foremost always for me.  They further my understanding and contribute to  the ever-growing relationship I consciously cultivate with my higher mind.  However, sometimes the messages have such a feeling of global information that I like to share what comes through.  This mornings message was one of those.  Take it for what it's worth and if it resonates with you, file it away.  If not, then ponder the question for yourself and see what comes through for you.  We can never have enough perspectives on such a rich resource as the Akashic Records.

  • One aspect of The Asakhic Records can be understood using the analogy of a board game.  If you found a board game that only contained the pieces that move around the board, but no board upon which to move them, the pieces would be disconnected from the game for which they had been created.  Yes, they could be used a child's toy perhaps or incorporated into an art piece, or crafted into a piece of jewelry, or used atop a cake as decoration, or any similar purpose, but they would not be fulfilling the purpose for which they were created. Tuning into the Akashic Records is like discovering the game board for which you were created in this and all parallel (past/future) incarnations.  The Akashic Records help you (the pieces) make sense of 'the whole'.  The Records can do this because they hold ALL of the memory! Through the Records you can access that which you weren't able to consciously bring into this incarnation! Referencing the Records assists you in making sense of your life, of the patterns you want to heal, the gifts you want to explore....and the very piece you came to play in the 'game of life'!
I loved that short and sweet analogy!  After this message came through I continued to receive clarity about the way I personally access the Records.  It is a deeply personal experience and ever growing.  It is not part of a system or formula. I've tried those and was even certified in a popular course for accessing the Akashic Records.  That approach, though helpful for many, did not 'work' for me.  What works for me is building an ever growing intimate relationship with non-physical consciousness.  By opening up to it and letting it teach me how to listen, subtle nuances and tender whispers guide and teach me.  And lest you think I was gifted this from the get-go let me assure you, I worked very hard for decades doing introspective work to develop this connection. In fact, it has been my life's work and my joy.

If you are wanting to access the Records or simply plug into your own higher mind, my suggestion is this, know that you can, and ask your higher mind to show you how.   As people we are accessing so much non-physical assistance these days, that even those who never heard of, let alone believed in these abilities are awakening to them daily.  We are on the brink of becoming a fully activated, fully conscious society without limited senses due to an energetic alignment that has not been accessible for centuries.  Now, more than ever before, if you seek guidance you will be guided and you will learn.

Wordless Poems and Image Stories

 As I have shared before, creative energy is the primary tool I use in my shadow/personal growth work and is foundational to the Intentional Arts process I teach.  This choice was born out of a spontaneous encounter I have shared before so I'll just briefly recap it here...

One night in 1991 I was awakened in the middle of the night and drawn to the art studio in our home. Something beyond my normal waking self guided me, and the painting that would emerge over the next several hours.  I was as much a spectator of the process as if someone else held the brush. Eventually the energy withdrew and I discovered that hours had flown like minutes.  As I stared at the piece that had been painted, I had an experience I did not know existed.  A type of information download occurred resulting in an expansion of consciousness that was palpable, profound and deeply personal.  Waves of emotion moved me through tears and joy as a type of uncommon healing permeated my heart and mind.  My counseling background gave me a great foundation for understanding the profoundly healing nature of this experience, so I dove deeper into understanding and nurturing this creative healing process.  I have practiced and shared it ever since.  
I found that when I focused deeply on anything I wanted to understand, eventually that understanding would emerge through creative energy.  I began to be intuitively informed that all energy is creative energy.  Artwork was in many ways like a dream portal for symbolic imagery and communication, only I didn't have to be asleep for the messages to filter through.  Another plus was the informational 'downloads' that accompanied these experiences.  Unlike a dream, it was always clear what the creative experience came to convey. Blocks of information came into my mind that awakened and enlivened me in ways it is impossible to imagine apart from the experience itself.  This was powerful because I had tapped into a type of communication that came directly through me, about me, without any sort of middleman, therefore I could completely trust the information I got.  
As the years went on I began to create this way without posing questions.   I began to invite this energy to simply 'be' with me and teach me what it wanted to teach me.  It can sound crazy and certainly esoteric but I knew this was a spiritual experience; a sacred communication. Eventually, and for the last two decades, broader messages with more universal meanings emerged.  I still created some pieces just for the fun of it, but even then an open line of communication was always present.  Creativity is a very meditative process and in that relaxed, receptive state, if one opens to it, communication flows effortlessly between ones higher and lower mind.  Yes, I had a spontaneous awakening to this reality but it is easily learned and applied.

A few years ago I was inspired to create balanced totem like paintings built around a central core or 'spine'.  Eventually I developed a blind print process that allowed for the manipulation of media to create very intricate shapes and forms along a central line. Using a variety of media I further defined each painting until an image-story that spoke to me emerged.  These were to me, wordless poems or image stories awaiting the teller.  As I first began sharing them, I noticed that different people discovered different imagery within the same painting.  This fascinated me even further and I was compelled to keep creating this wonderful pieces.

I was guided to understand that the 'spine' in the paintings mirrored the function of the human spine in communications between our own higher and lower mind.  From the crown of our head to the root of our spine light engages and in-forms buried or hidden aspects, coaxing them into awareness.  As an energy worker (reiki master/teacher) this made perfect sense to me, and the artwork captivated me in new ways.

Over the last three years a series has emerged with pieces ranging in size from 16"x20" and 11"x14"works on canvas, to smaller works on heavy card stock that range in size from 8"x10" to 4"x6", and tiny 1"-2" miniatures on bamboo paper. While I intuitively understood the meaning of the work on a personal level, I have been guided to understand that the size variations as well as the imagery itself is part of the overall message.  This is because the entire series of paintings tell the story of transmutation; bringing our shadow aspects into the Light of conscious awareness/awakening/expansion and healing. It is important to understand that I did not know this fully throughout the three years I spent creating these works.  Much of the understanding of the overall message came through as the miniature series began to grow.

I was shown that the larger paintings, with less hidden imagery, represent individuals that have done much introspective work and have little left to clear.  These paintings read much the same from a distance as they do up close.  Many of them are reflective of freedom or beauty and simply encourage positive states of being such as soaring or serenity. Some individuals have more deeply buried aspects that need to be coaxed into the light of awareness by peering deeply within.  These pieces read very differently from a distance as they do up close.  Frightening or whimsical faces recede and emerge as the viewer explores these smaller paintings up close. Lastly there are those individuals that have turned away from the light for so long they need a magnifying glass to see even one tiny shadow aspects hiding from the light of their conscious awareness.  The miniature paintings speak to this, and a magnifying glass is provided for viewing the tiny hidden aspects within each miniature piece.

Together this series and my story about the evolution of this intuitive process I call Intentional Arts make up the foundation of my One Woman Show (and tell).  Included are other art forms from sculpture to textile pieces just to demonstrate that any exercise in creativity can be a vehicle for connecting with our higher mind/guidance.  I'll share more about that in future posts. Until then I encourage you to think differently about your creative energy.  Use it to ponder the deeper questions of your soul.  Ask about the meaning of life and let go of any answer you already have.  Because even if you do have an answer, just letting go of it will open a door through which more revelation than you can imagine will flow through. 

The Shadow and Ascension

As individuals we are a microcosmic reflection of the universal/cosmic macrocosm.  The energy (thoughts, beliefs, fears) we must embrace and transcend/transmute are reflections of the very energy the universe/cosmos must also embrace, transcend/transmute.  The difference is the universe/cosmos is fully aware of this process and many of us are blind to it.  Though we are in the midst of it, though it is taking place all around us and within us, if we are aware of it at all we are primarily projecting it outward; projecting it as something to be feared or embraced, dreaded or excited about.

There is a lot of talk these days around the subject of ascension.  Charged with words like "the rapture", "the second coming", "the ascension", "4th/5th dimensional shift", many weigh in on this topic from varying perspectives.  The terms used depend upon which 'camp' you listen to.  There are those in the middle who are so busy with the busy-ness of life that they aren't listening to anyone and this topic holds absolutely no meaning at all.  This shift, regardless of 'belief in it' or 'recognition of it', is happening to us all. On universal, global and personal levels changes are taking place. For most individuals this is happening primarily on an unconscious level.

Personal 'awakening' is not an event!  This is a process and, in many ways, it has been going on for eons and you couldn't miss it if you tried.  It is taking place in each and everyone of us and awareness is the key to a gentler ride.  Universally, yes, an energetic shift like none we have witnessed in our lifetimes is upon us.  We are in a transformational aspect of the process that will astound our world as these shifts play out in our third dimensional perspectives.  But the good news is everyone is coming along for the ride.  As a student of these energies and aspects who consciously works directly with the enlightenment process, I continually bring an unconscious level of awareness into the light of my own mind.  I continually shift and ascend.  It is my work, and for thirty years I have had the good fortune of having this conscious process as a full time job.  I absolutely love it!  And I am grateful to the shadow aspects that introduced me to it and continue to facilitate my ascension process.

That's right, the shadow is there to escort you into the ascension of your very soul!  Bringing the shadow into light is the most rewarding and exciting work I could ever imagine doing.  I share this to encourage those of you frightened or confused by the talk of ascension, and later the reality of it you find in your midst, to stop, take a breath and move into your center; your heart-space. Peace awaits you, eager to help you embrace those shadow aspects holding the very energy you need to transcend.  That's all personal ascension is!  A tiny piece of fear floating to the surface of your awareness to be healed.  These fears often wear big hairy costumes or carry frightening horror stories with them in order to get your attention, but unmask them and they are tiny aspects in need of love and acceptance in order to make you whole. All you have to do is the work directly presenting itself to you.  Face the fear at hand and as you heal that shadow aspect you acquire more light. That is all ascension is!  The acquisition of more and more light.  And get this.....your shadow aspects are lined up in perfect order to be handled by the exact amount of light you have at any given moment to embrace and transmute them! 

As I have shared before, creative energy is the primary tool I use in my shadow work process.  A few years ago my artwork took a completely different direction.  I began creating balanced totem like paintings built around a central core or 'spine'.   From the moment I began creating these pieces they absolutely captivated me. Over time the larger paintings on canvas gave way to smaller and more intricate pieces. After creating a series of small works I felt compelled to paint miniature pieces that required a magnifying glass not only to paint, but to even be appreciated once the piece was finished. I didn't know at the time that this reduction in size was a very significant part of the series as a whole.  Then one day my higher mind made me aware that the entire series of paintings from large to miniature tell the story of transmutation; bringing our shadow aspects into the Light of conscious awareness/awakening/expansion and healing.  I will share this revelation in more detail in my next post along with several of the paintings.  Until then I hope you embrace your shadows as the escorts they are into your individual ascension.

No Place Like Home

I've been channeling artwork, poetry and guided messages for decades.  Recently someone told me I was in direct communication with my ascended Lemurian aspect.  While I know and trust the information I receive is coming from a higher aspect of my projected incarnation, there is no deep resonance with this 'Lemurian' reference.  Though I have to admit there are a lot of aquatic references in my artwork, and with my deep love of the ocean, I can't deny water elements heavily influence me. But what has intrigued me more than anything about this topic of origins, is not so much the identification with ancient incarnations and lands, but my absolute lack of identification with anywhere in the here and now.  

When a new job gave my guy an opportunity to move south, I campaigned for the familiar; the county I was born and raised in.  Now don't get me wrong, it's nice here and I have met really wonderful people and truly enjoy being closer to family I rarely got to see.  But it really awakened me to the fact that no place ever  'feels' like home to me.....and I have lived in some beautiful places.....places people travel from all over the world to see and experience.  Maybe it's my introversion but I have never been called to immerse myself in the culture or nature surrounding any area.  In fact, I have never truly identified with life here on Earth.  I don't 'get' third dimension thinking.  Duality, judgment, competition, recognition, distraction, the huge gap between the have's and have not's, the palpable fear within diversity, the endless debates within politics...heck politics on any level just seems like some huge shell game to keep everyone focused on life in 'the matrix'.  All the 'systems' in place seem designed for that very purpose.

The more I look at this the more I embrace the truth that Earth is not my home.  It is simply where an aspect of me resides to further a mission my soul chose.  When I look at my journey from being born into this dimension, indoctrinated with, and educated by broken belief systems that still persist, it's no wonder I shook myself awake from them through rebellion and the threat of isolation!  It's the only thing that makes sense to me.

I figured out a long time ago that my work was to awaken myself from the illusions of this world.  And with that awakening came the guidance and channeling that led me deeper and deeper into truths so profound that sharing them with anyone who has not begun the awakening process is impossible.  I am grateful in my awakening to have found others on these roads less traveled. Perhaps we will return together one day to the place where we truly feel at home;  distant stars, ruling planets, constellations which hold the guiding aspects that sustain us in this foreign land. Until then we will continue to shine enlightenment through questioning the status quo, refusing to participate in the shell games, and making art that reflects the truth of who we all truly are..... beings of light and love.

The Meaning Of Life and Creative Self Inquiry

From a series of original paintings soon to be shared on DVD entitled Intentional Arts; A One Woman Show

The meaning of life is to plug into one's individual non-physical aspect and express themselves from that perspective of pure light.  It took me almost sixty years, and no doubt countless lifetimes, but I finally uncovered that profound but simple truth.  I say un-covered rather than discovered because it truly is an unveiling process.  See, any knowledge gained from external sources or reasoning through conditioned perceptions is limited and therefore cannot be whole!  The dependence on and attachment to these fragmented perceptions are the very thing that blocks ones infallible and personal non-physical guidance system!  Spiritual self-inquiry not only offers the process of unveiling, it introduces you to your own personal guidance system!  And it is as uniquely attuned to you as you are unique in this physical reality.  As an artist creative energy was my spirituality.  As I came to know it apart from 'making stuff', this powerful energy moved through me to clear away the blocks and opened me to direct guidance from my own non-physical aspect.  I'm not talking about guides and angels, ascended masters or even God.  I'm not advocating or discounting those relationships in the least. I am talking about something scientifically measurable within the energy spectrum of your physical and psychological being.   That is, connecting with the non-physical aspect of your very soul, which is projecting the physical form you experience as your life in this physical reality.  I am talking about establishing a direct channel of communication to your higher mind absent of intercessors or middle-men. 

Recently I was with a woman who was born with the ability to see and interpret the non-physical energies associated with each person.  She remarked that I was in direct communication with my soul aspect and that it spoke through me all of the time.  I had been aware of this for years but it was a profound experience to have it acknowledged by someone who could actually see beyond the light spectrum most of us operate in. I also knew that this direct connection was the result of the creative self-inquiry work I had dedicated almost thirty years to. All your answers truly are within. And as for the questions that come at you about the meaning of life....they rise from the same source that waits to answer them....your soul.    

I AM my art - Metaphysics And Creative Energy

I haven't posted in a very long time because I have been involved in some profound changes in my life.  These began just prior to the sudden and unexpected passing of my husband, Phil, in 2013 and have continued. This post is a 'coming out' of sorts to a community I have participated in predominately as an artist.  To those who know me as a student of esoteric studies and lightworker, nothing I share here will be surprising, except for a recent decision.  That is to merge these aspects publicly in order to share an expanded perspective on the use of creative energy.  As a highly introspective introvert mine has been a deeply intimate journey.  Were I not being guided to share my experiences with the profound connecting and healing aspects of creative energy I would be happy to remain cloistered away in my my own little corner, in my own little to speak.  But I am being guided outward in a single direction, and the beginning of this transition is sharing with one another the two worlds I have learned and grown from.

As is true of most creative types, my passion for creativity has been with me since childhood.  Also present was a pervasive curiosity that was insatiable, and like the small child that asks "why" without ceasing, this has continued throughout my life. Who we are, where we come from and what we are doing here was never far from my innermost thoughts.  While it has been my life's mission to answer these seemingly unanswerable questions, I have not been alone in these quests.  Until recently I had my partner, Phil since my mid thirties, and I am still embraced by a sisterhood I have had since my 40's who walk along side me in this journey toward spiritual awakening and metaphysical abilities. 

As an artist I was always much more interested in creative energy itself rather than the media through which it was expressed, or the 'product' it produced.  For quite some time I was perplexed as to why I had no interest in building a portfolio or artistic career. My association with shows, awards and publications was mostly at the urging of others or as part of group projects.  Once I achieved these I noticed I carried a 'been there, done that' energy around that aspect of achievement.   Recognition did little for me in the way of feeling 'accomplished'.  What did bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment was the creative process itself.  I was fascinated with the way creative energy moved through me and 'in-formed' me.  Much of the time I was aware that I was simply the instrument through which creative energy moved.  This is not an unusual experience for creative types either. In fact it is this active meditation aspect of art-making that has so expanded both the art and craft industry we have today.  However, in my mid-thirties I was shaken to my core as some introspective questioning I had been doing was answered through creative energy in a most unusual way.  I was literally awakened in the middle of the night, drawn to my studio in an almost trance like haze, and while I 'watched' from one vantage point, a huge painting was created from another vantage point...through me.  As if this was not amazing enough, this was not the most profound aspect of this experience.  Following hours that flew like minutes, I found myself on the sofa in my studio starring into this new piece of artwork while what I can only describe as downloads of non-physical communications filled me, healing and informing aspects of a fragmented self that I was not even aware of.  While this type of 'direct communication' is common place for metaphysical practitioners today, it was not common place at that time, nor was it something I understood at all.  But I knew it was good and I knew it was valuable.

With a background in counseling I was aware something profound and more alive than any psychological tool had been accessed and I would not rest until I fully understood it. From that day forward my prayer and my quest was to understand and align with this powerful energy, and this unequaled healing process.  As I set out to understand the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-actualization I did not realize the long and winding journey it would be. Now, almost thirty years later I can assure you it has not been without its rewards and gifts of the Spirit.

Because of this quest I have studied many energy healing modalities and even become certified in a few, however these can't begin to compare with the ongoing connection I have developed with Direct Knowledge through higher mind.  Through channeled artwork and writings and daily instruction my awareness has grown profoundly.  For those that have said to me with regard to spiritual matters..."Well, you just can't know"... I reply, "Oh yes you can! Once you drop all your stories and conditioning by plugging directly into the rest of yourself; your own personal non-physical aspect, you can know absolutely, profoundly and personally!"  because that's how it works.  The meaning of my life is to plug into my own Personal Guidance System and express myself from that perspective of pure light.  And to all those who feel guided to focus their creative energy in the direction of spiritual awakening and metaphysical understanding I can only say that of all the beautiful things I have created, this awakening I continue to experience is truly my greatest work of art.....I AM my art!

And now this blog will reflect all that I am with regard to creative exploration, insight and expression.  I will included channeled writings and esoteric revelations along with my artwork and shows centered on sharing all that is available through the medium of creative energy itself. I have included a page on the blog that shares my story in more detail ( I AM my art- The Metaphysical Application of Creative Energy).  I have also updated my website where I share even more of the process of this that I call Intentional Arts.  I invite you to explore these if you feel interested in knowing more.  It is with gratitude that I thank the wonderful friends and teachers that have embraced me in both the creative an spiritual arenas.  My journey would not be complete without both 'camps'.