Intuitive Channeling Through Blank Verse

Why is it easier to point out the weeds in the garden of others than pull our own?  For the most part it is because we really do want to help others.  And.... we really don't want to acknowledge the cries of our own wounds!  That's the truth of it. We shine a very bright light on a deeply hidden aspect of ourselves every time we judge another or their actions.  Those things we admire and desire as positive attributes, we have a hard time locating in ourselves, so we adore them in others.  Those things we disdain or judge as negative in others are equally reflective of a hidden aspect of self.  Weather these things actually exist in the other person or not matters little when it comes to self healing.  If I experience them, they exist or have existed in me.  So, how do I know if they are healed within me or not? There is a trick to recognizing this.  The more emotionally charged I become over the actions of another, the more this aspect is trying to get my attention to be healed inside of me!!!. This doesn't mean that the other person isn't expressing what I see, they may or may not be.  But pointing it out in them will never heal it in me!  Railing at them about it or celebrating them for it will not quench it in me.  And that is what I came to do!  As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, "I do me. For that I came."  In truth, that's what we all came to do.

Channeling blank verse has always been my way of opening to let my higher mind teach me.  This practice has developed into a workshop I teach for introspection through channeled verse.  Below is a piece I was inspired to receive many years ago as I realized that projection was responsible for so many different religions and spiritual teachings.  Enjoy.

Out Of The Woods

We are not
wandering together
lost in a dark, dense wood.

We are,
each of us,
the dark, dense wood
in which we are lost.

The sooner we stop listening to
those calling from the edge
of their perceived freedom,
the sooner we will discover
our own.

It is an inner path....solitary
but with common perspectives
that fool many into believing
it is a shared journey.

Unfortunately, knowing this doesn't mean
I am out of the woods yet....
but remembering it keeps me from
calling to you from the edges.



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