Pretty Little Mini-Quilts book

When Lark Books invited me to submit work for two publications, both entitled Pretty Little Mini Quilts, I selected three from my American Family Album series.  Since many of the quilts in that series are larger than required for this book, I went to my 'Snapshot' section of that series. I based these little gems on two non-professional style photographs; the old photo-booth style pics or snapshots taken by family or friends.  I love the 'posed' nature within these otherwise casual moments.  Lark chose the piece entitled 'Portrait of Velma'.  An avid quilter before she lost the majority of her eyesight, Velma was my fathers mother.  I was especially thrilled that this was their choice.  Commemorating a loved one in these little art-quilts portrays the subject beyond the image in the photo; the personality and idiosyncrasies truly come through. And while all my pictorial art-quilts do this in some way or another, these little ones offer a type of fine-focus aspect that larger more complex works don't invite.  Measuring 12" wide by 17" in length and heavily embellished with beading, embroidery and of course quilting, I loved doing these so much that a new series has emerged.  Entitled 'Snapshots' this work eventually moved beyond my own family photos and commissioned works, now including any found snapshots that captivate my imagination.  Only one many photos, so little time! :)

Affordable and whimsical, if you are new to commissioning art work, or new to art-quilts, these are often a good place to engage the process. My 'Snapshot' art-quilts are so popular in fact that I now offer gift certificates for those wanting to introduce friends and family to this wonderful unexpected art form. In my next blog post I'll feature a few more from my last American Family Album exhibit....  just to share the fun of these tiny textile treasures.