Joy Unwrapped

Meet Joy Unwrapped..a tiny Christmastime sketch that spilled out my pencil.
There is nothing as relaxing as spending my time curled up on the sofa, drawing the day away. Preferring to discover what wants to emerge, I rarely have anything in mind when I draw. This is how I spent Christmas, and this sweet girl is what became of my efforts.  I have named her Joy.  

I think she presented herself as if to validate the part of me that stands back from the whirl-d around me this time of year.    Being one that prefers peace and quiet over hustle and bustle, her stoic posture almost surely reflects my withdrawal more than twenty years ago from traditional celebration.  Her silly hat and untied ribbons represent the part of me that believes we are each the gift we must unwrap in order to find true joy.  Her crossed arms reflect her firm stance in the determination to know herself beyond all distraction. 
But the real gift she brings me is the inspiration to create a series juxtaposing serious portraiture against whimsical  adornment.  I am not sure of the media I will use but it will be fun figuring it all out.

Happy holidays everyone!