Rock, Paper, Susan; Exploring the Game of Life

For many years I played life like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  I made choices based on the limited options I was given and hoped my choice kept me in the game.  Eventually however I came to understand that while it appears that we are all playing the same game, we certainly are not! Next I discovered that because of choices aren't limited at all!

Writing my own rules for the game of life that I am playing freed me from the limited options many operate under.  What I have come to realize is that when I follow my intuition to explore possibilities beyond those commonly offered on any given subject, my world fills in with people and ideas that have an expertise in line with those possibilities.  If instead I play only within the confines of the limited options I am given, my options remain limited....and this is how the rug gets pulled out from beneath me when I least expect it.  This is because those handing out the options, setting the rules of the game, so to speak, are playing a different version of the game than they are letting we common folk in on....and we are the pawns!  

This realization expanded my experience of life and changed the game for me altogether. When I sincerely plugged into a spiritual quest to "be led into all truth" more than three decades ago I had no idea that I would be awakened on so many levels!   The phrase "Let them with eyes see, let them with ears hear."  repeatedly rings true for me as I awaken from one experience of reality to the next....each more revealing than the previous.  At the same time however, it is tough to live among those I love who have not grasped the changing world around us and are not therefore forewarned.

My understanding on the spiritual, physical and intellectual planes has expanded greatly, revealing a world far more expansive and deeply more convoluted than my wildest dreams. Because of this I am left with a dilemma.  Those I love, family and friends who have not moved deeply into the guidance of their higher mind, but have relied solely on the intellectual mind (and the information from those feeding it), could not begin to hear me....even if I were able to articulate what I have come to know and understand.  To them my decades worth of discoveries would culminate to sound like the ravings of a mad woman or at the very least one who had fallen for the ravings of those who had gone mad.  So, my only option seems to be to present myself as a someone they can talk with when the proverbial sh!t hits the fan...because that time is getting close and the ripples are surfacing.  And so, I write this post. 

In the physical realm we are on the verge of awakening to a whole new world and a way of life that has been foreshadowed in science-fiction for decades.   But first, and for a time, it may appear as if the world as we know it is crumbling.  That's because it is...and on many levels it must.  Our finances, sustenance, and very souls lie in the balance as the physical and non-physical threats facing us are real.  Those of us with our ears to the ground are repeatedly seeing the disclosure of unimaginable deception, technologies and programs in all arenas. Those even closer, who have been involved with such things are spilling the beans on the secrets and programs that have long been in place at the cost of human suffering and limitation. The history we have been taught in our schools and raised to believe is a fiction.  The science we have been teased into building our world upon is child's play.  The religions and spirituality we have been spoon fed is manipulated fodder for controlling the masses while serving a spiritual agenda so dark it is almost impossible to grasp.  

So why do I write all of this?  I write it as a heads up....and an invitation to awaken and awaken others.  Below is a link to Dr. Stephen Greer.  He is just one of many exposing the truth at great personal risk.  Listen to what he has to share.  Wrestle any cognitive dissonance you might experience to the ground and then listen again...or listen to his peers who have been on the inside, reported what they know, also at great risk, for the love of humanity. Then share his message and ask others what they believe about what is being shared.  It will, if nothing else, stir you intuitively and resonate on some level of knowing deep within you. It has to because that is how truth works.

Dr. Stephen Greer