A Night At The Opera

Entitled Maxine, this is one of my digital caricature paintings from the A-ha Studio series.
This year I was invited to audition my artwork for the Austin Lyric Operas 25th season fund raising event.  Five Austin artisans were chosen and I was happily among them.  It is always fun introducing the concept of art-quilts to those who have never seen them and this night was no different.  It was great listening to the responses (and requests for commission information) as guests took in the whimsical pieces I chose to display last Saturday evening at the opening of The Magic Flute. Thank you ALO guild members Jessica and Lissa for discovering my work and inviting me.   While a case of bronchitis is keeping me away from the shows tonight and tomorrow night, I'll be returning for Lucia di Lammermoor scheduled for Jan. 28th, Feb. 3rd and 5th, and Turnadot April 14th, 20th and 22nd. 

I must say Austin, when it comes to style....you do it well.