The Akashic and Ascension

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Knowing that the eternal 'now' is all that exists and that it truly is where our gifts and abilities lie, I was curious about what part accessing the Akashic Records played in our personal growth and ascension process.   I had pondered the question for a couple of days and posed it to my higher mind.  This morning my answer came as I sat to connect with guidance.  My channeled writings are first and foremost always for me.  They further my understanding and contribute to  the ever-growing relationship I consciously cultivate with my higher mind.  However, sometimes the messages have such a feeling of global information that I like to share what comes through.  This mornings message was one of those.  Take it for what it's worth and if it resonates with you, file it away.  If not, then ponder the question for yourself and see what comes through for you.  We can never have enough perspectives on such a rich resource as the Akashic Records.

  • One aspect of The Asakhic Records can be understood using the analogy of a board game.  If you found a board game that only contained the pieces that move around the board, but no board upon which to move them, the pieces would be disconnected from the game for which they had been created.  Yes, they could be used a child's toy perhaps or incorporated into an art piece, or crafted into a piece of jewelry, or used atop a cake as decoration, or any similar purpose, but they would not be fulfilling the purpose for which they were created. Tuning into the Akashic Records is like discovering the game board for which you were created in this and all parallel (past/future) incarnations.  The Akashic Records help you (the pieces) make sense of 'the whole'.  The Records can do this because they hold ALL of the memory! Through the Records you can access that which you weren't able to consciously bring into this incarnation! Referencing the Records assists you in making sense of your life, of the patterns you want to heal, the gifts you want to explore....and the very piece you came to play in the 'game of life'!
I loved that short and sweet analogy!  After this message came through I continued to receive clarity about the way I personally access the Records.  It is a deeply personal experience and ever growing.  It is not part of a system or formula. I've tried those and was even certified in a popular course for accessing the Akashic Records.  That approach, though helpful for many, did not 'work' for me.  What works for me is building an ever growing intimate relationship with non-physical consciousness.  By opening up to it and letting it teach me how to listen, subtle nuances and tender whispers guide and teach me.  And lest you think I was gifted this from the get-go let me assure you, I worked very hard for decades doing introspective work to develop this connection. In fact, it has been my life's work and my joy.

If you are wanting to access the Records or simply plug into your own higher mind, my suggestion is this, know that you can, and ask your higher mind to show you how.   As people we are accessing so much non-physical assistance these days, that even those who never heard of, let alone believed in these abilities are awakening to them daily.  We are on the brink of becoming a fully activated, fully conscious society without limited senses due to an energetic alignment that has not been accessible for centuries.  Now, more than ever before, if you seek guidance you will be guided and you will learn.

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