Ascension Alignment; Bridging Heart, Mind and Will.

A bit of ephemeral art; grass seeds placed in a spiral on a rock in Creede Co.
It's important to understand that some people awaken first at the level of the mind, others first have a heart awakening, while still others are awakened initially at the level of personal will. Not realizing this three-fold journey, is often a stumbling block toward conscious maturity. Unless all three levels are awakened, conscious maturity remains elusive.  A state of awakening in only one arena can seemingly reek havoc within the life experience. Evidence of this is being played out on the stage of human existence right now in a profound way. 

I was recently inspired to listen to what is being said about this pivotal point in time from various platforms/teachers.  New Thought teachers, Jewish mystics, fundamentalist preachers, channelers, and alternative journalists/broadcasters are all weighing in on the global shifts happening at this time.  As I listened I was aware that many of these 'sources' pointed to much the same "evidence" that we are indeed in the time of great change.  Some had more information than others but none contradicted each other in their "evidence".  I was acutely aware that each were accurate in their perceptions....(and this is the important part).... based on the level/frequency (dimension of awareness) from which they were speaking. In other words, while all might see the same patterns in something, they can only interpret and share them from the frequency/level of awakened perception they experience. 

As a biblical scholar points to all the prophetic passages that line up with the occurrences we are seeing in the world they are accurate in their recognition of these 'signs'. But because they are steeped in duality (good vs. evil) their interpretations are wrapped in third dimensional 'warnings'.  Fear is the underlying vibration as they are told to 'repent and get this message to as many as possible for the salvation of their souls.'  From the level of mind, this is a very sincere  message and mission. The trouble is you don't realize that some have transcended this level of frequency and have a completely different interpretation/experience of the same "evidence".  This duality perspective is also true of the alternative news journalist/broadcaster pointing to the 'conspiracy' evidence that lines up with these times.  They too are warning their listeners from the perspective of mind and an attitude of care and concern that is aligned with and interpreted through their third dimension awareness.  Survivalists are largely awake at the level of will.  Caught in third level duality they respond from fear. Fleeing the country, arming themselves against an attack, stockpiling years worth of food/water and getting the message out to as many as possible is their message and mission.  A great one, if you are also perceiving things within this lower 'survival' frequency.

Those experiencing higher, upper third and fourth dimensional frequencies do not demonstrate the same fear with regard to these times because they know what is happening from a higher perspective and they understand these times as a bridge.  Many have in fact been consciously working at calling in the necessary light to anchor these frequencies/times.  They are awakened at the level of heart.  Some have food and water in reserve, cash on hand and other necessities should there be any slow down in getting these things for a while due to weather, banking and shopping issues, etc., but for these, mindfulness, having awakened at the level of heart/mind and will, is the reason rather than the fear and desperation carried in the masses. In moderation it's a smart thing to do, but from a place of conscious awareness rather than fear.  Those only awakened at the level of heart might not prepare at all for the playing out of these shifts on the stage of the world. This will be experienced as difficulty if 'real world' conditions prevent easy access to food, water and money for a time.

I grew up and live in a hurricane zone.  We always took precautions.  I still do.  Knowing what I know with regard to the impending economic shifts, weather shifts and the possibility of going off grid for a while, (awakened mind) I've added to those precautions a bit.  But not from a fearful perspective. I spend a great deal more of my time in prayer, creative meditation and personal awakening as I ground myself in the frequency I choose to align with during this time of great change (heart and will). I chose to be a conscious bridge during these times.  It was and is my reason for being here in this lifetime.  This revelation presented itself as conscious maturity unfolded in me at the level of heart, mind and will.  

Once we have awakened at the level of heart, mind and will we are to continually cultivate the expansion of our awakening.  We can all grow in our awakening no matter the area awakened. Maturity comes when we grow in all three areas.

We are all awakening. We are all moving from lower vibrational densities to higher frequencies.  Some are consciously aware of this while others are not.  But this is what I was made aware of as I listened....'everyone is correct from their level of perception and they are lovingly assisting those that resonate from that same frequency.  Only when we try and change someone who does not see it from our level of perception can conflict arise.  Loving everyone where they are is the way to truly embrace all.  Everyone is serving!  And if we remove the fear from ourselves we can learn something from each perspective....because in the Oneness of All, we are everyone'!

A better use of our time and energy comes from looking within rather than outside ourselves.  Every macrocosm has a microcosmic perspective.  Are you awakened at the level of heart, mind and will???  Or just heart?  Just intellect?  Just will?  I'll do a post later on each of these and what that might look like.  But for now, don't confuse yourself by listening to all the opinions of all the talking heads and wondering whose right and whose not.  Move inside yourself and recognize where you are, where you want to be, and prepare accordingly.

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