Light Language

From my notebook....written 'light language'

I first experienced something called 'light language' almost thirty years ago but it didn't have such a cool, new mellineium name back then.  It was referred to as "speaking in tongues" and it happened to me quite spontaneously one afternoon.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, my daughter also experienced this while away at a youth camp organized by the church we were attending at that time.  Like so many things I left behind as I 'out-grew' formal religion, (Pentecostal was my last attempt at seeking Truth through organizations) I abandoned this form of communication as well.  An unexpected reemergence of this 'ability' presented itself once again this week along with the spontaneous ability to write this so called 'light language'.  While on the one hand it fascinated me and I see all sorts of ideas for incorporating it in my artwork, on the other hand I know it is a natural progression of a long spiritual awakening I have been integrating for decades.

A couple of weeks ago my journaling became an automatic writing session in which "The Andromedians of Most High" introduced themselves.  The "Arcturians" later did the same in both written and spoken channelings.  Last year the Ananda collective first came through.  So, here I am, shifting once again into new paradigms of understanding and so grateful for the downloads of understanding that accompany many of these 'transmissions'.  My world is filling in with people who have knowledge of these experiences and it is a testament to the shifting and expansion that unfolds as we step into the creative journey our awakening soul seeks.

I am writing this post because I am being guided to teach these types of communications and am eager to step into assisting anyone interested in touching upon these abilities.  Automatic writing is a powerful portal for communication, and light language is an ancestral part of each of us.  They are a vehicle for transcending the third dimensional timeline and raising one's vibrational frequency to the fifth dimensional New Earth.  Practicing light language activates DNA codes which provide an expansion of your life expression on many levels.  The language can be spoken or sung while you practice your craft or create artwork.  The written light language can be added subtly or featured prominently in the work itself.  I will be adding workshop information to my website for those interested in checking this out for themselves, along with new work incorporating these symbols.  I will also be writing a new post soon that explains the benefits of light language in more detail.

For those reading this that are quite convinced I've gone over the edge, not to worry.... I am suitably grounded for the work I am coming into and have never felt more purposeful in my life.  Connecting to non-physical assistance is nothing new for me as I have been in 'communication' for years.  This is just an expansion of the clair-cognizance I have drawn on for decades and I am excited to share what unfolds.


  1. Do you know what the light language symbols or words that you have written mean?

    1. Not yet! I have thus far only had an awareness with regard to some of the spoken light language. My understanding is they work as codes, like keys that unlock rememberance and I am experiencing some of that.