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In my last post I introduced the subject of light language by sharing a journal page I had spontaneously filled with seemingly foreign symbols and shapes.  In that post I promised to share more about the nature and benefits of using light language.  This post is the "more" that I promised on that subject.  However, I'm only sharing my experiences and the understanding that has come to me through use, exploration and meditation on the subject.  There is more available if you want to research the experiences of others.

Apart from being written, light language can be spoken or sung, moved (as in dancing or signing) and incorporated into art or designs....think crop circles/ice circles, sacred geometry, etc.    While some have the 'gift' of interpretation, for the most part light language, as we know it in our current state of consciousness, is an experience that transcends the rational mind. It is a soulful utterance/movement that allows for emotional expression/release without the interference of thought.  Imagine the expression of deeply felt emotions free from rumination and you have one of the beautiful benefits of light language.  It is a fantastic way to give voice/expression to emotions so deep they transcend thought.  It is wonderful for expressing sorrow as well as jubilation that there simply aren't words for.

The next benefit of light language is the expansion of consciousness it fosters.  When we separate light language from the religious dogma that surrounds it, this "speaking in tongues", opens us to boundless information free from the limitations of doctrine. Freed from such conditioning, it is as if through the ongoing use of light language, a portal for conscious connection to the non-physical aspects of our multi-dimensional self opens.  In this I experience guidance in the form of profound insight.  Because for decades my work has centered on using creative energy for the expansion of consciousness/spiritual growth, my intention has been long set.  Energy follows intention, therefore my use of light language in any form, moves directly into the spiritual questions I carry or the spiritual understanding I seek.  This however is true for me with regard to many forms of creative expression.  My directed creativity has long been a portal for 'downloads' of vast awareness/information and I feel my use of light language has only added to this.

Others teach that light language opens codes in us that unlock a type of remembrance of our limitless nature and allow us to approach the multi-dimensional nature of our being.    This makes sense to me on an intuitive level.  I know that my fascination with crop circles and other forms of sacred geometry is because it calls to me and connects me on a soulful level. I believe this is true of light language as well.

I find myself unconsciously singing or speaking it under my breath throughout the day.  At first this surprised me each time I caught it happening.  Now it is as natural as realizing I was unconsciously humming would be.  Light language is a song my soul is familiar with and that is reason enough for me to enjoy it. There are distinct feeling signatures to these 'languages'.  They do not all sound alike and I have personally experienced several 'dialects'.  Intuitively I glean this as a type of connecting to 'ancestral aspects' of my multi-dimensional being.  We live in the eternal NOW but from our third dimensional perspective everything is separated out...past/present/future.  Because light language and enlightened consciousness transcends such separation, I believe my various aspects of self come through to express themselves from time to time, each speaking a different dialect.

I have experienced spontaneous interpretations following spoken light language 'transmissions'. This has most always been connected to meditation periods or times when I have set the intention to connect in stillness.  One thing I know for certain is that we can all open to light language and each will benefit in their own way.  The quickest way to achieve this is through exposing yourself to it and asking your higher self to facilitate.  Intention is everything!  While I was initiated into speaking it about thirty years ago, only recently have I been writing it.  I learned of written light language, desired it, intended it, and within a few weeks it presented itself.  Now writing it is as natural to me as speaking it.  

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in this to explore and research this subject themselves.   Youtube is full of light language videos.  Yvonne Perry has written a book entitled Light Language Emerging which recounts her experiences around this subject.  But as with anything spiritual, I would caution you to respect your own experience.  Do not latch on to my definitions or anyone else's.  Open to it, move your ego mind aside, let go of judgement and simply allow the experience.  If this doesn't work you are simply 'in the way' of yourself.  For this reason, many prefer an initiation into the experience.  Connect with me or someone in your area that offers this service and do a consultation or attend a workshop.  In doing so you will step into aspects of yourself you can not even imagine.

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