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The Wheel card from my original tarot deck entitled, Windows On Illusion

What does it mean to be an intuitive artist?  I'd have to say there are as many answers to this question as their are artists.  I believe all artists are tapping into their intuition every time they create from inspiration.  When we just 'let it flow' time literally stands still for us (yes...I know the difference between literally and figuratively) Metaphysically speaking, we personally make less time when we do anything from 'the zone'. That's why it seems like time flies when we do what we love...because it does!  But that's not the focus of this post.  This post is about the desire of an extra-sensory, intuitive artist seeking a like-minded tribe.

I see many artist friends inspired by the events in the world. Especially in light of tragedies like earthquakes, tsunami's, attacks intended to strike fear and devastation.  Then there are those who are inspired to artistic activism by such things as water and food shortage or manipulation, nuclear power, sustainable farming and animal rights.  But what about those of us that are inspired to action by those things most can't see?  

What about those of us tapped into our clair-cognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience?  What of those that are connected to their guides, ascended masters and higher frequency aspects? Sure, we can create art from these inspired connections.  History is full of such works, even though many are still without full understanding by most. This is because a third dimensional mind can not interpret a fifth (or higher) dimensional inspiration.  And our society, our world, at this point in time is functioning at a mostly third dimensional frequency.  Therefore, those artists attuned to higher frequencies of intuitive awareness must be satisfied with the intuitive creative process itself, and the understanding that their work literally (yes, I know) anchors those higher frequencies as energetic templates serving all of humanity.  

This morning I noticed several artists on Facebook inspired by the recent attacks on Paris and other, less reported attacks on countries and people of color.  I found myself wanting to share within a creative community.  I am after all, an artist.  These people are my tribe.  Then I felt myself quietly withdraw.  Would they understand what the Arcturians have shared with me?  Would they even know who this galactic race is? Would they be able to embrace that I can see the energetic conflict that is the true impetus behind the discord on our planet?  Would they be open enough to realize that I can see that this is bigger than politics and religion because it is the forces behind politics and religion that have been running the show for generations....for eons.  The answer is no.  And that's as it should be. I've learned to be ok with working on the outside, looking least I'm free of the matrix/ the illusion/maya...whatever ya want to call it.  But sometimes, the artist in me just wants a like minded group to create with.

There are not clubs or guilds or even forums for intuitive artists that express themselves from these stirrings...these knowings.  We are mostly on our own when it comes to sharing what inspires us.  And for the most part that is okay.  Eventually, if we are resilient, we align with those on the fringe of society that do understand and share these 'abilities'.  We are supported and embraced by those in alternative arenas that know of the great awakening that is upon us.  And we will find a sort of refuge there and our work will flow in the directions it can best serve.  But that doesn't quiet the desire in me, that wishes, just every now and then, that I was part of a group of artists that gathered to meditate, channel and share the energies inspiring us to artistically express individual and group artwork based on the 'reality' we see.  

I have found an arena for teaching the metaphysical applications of creative energy and that is rewarding work.  I love teaching and working with people on how to use creative energy to awaken their intuitive 'abilities'.  And synchronicity is playing it's part by expanding these workshops into transformational retreats.  I know I'm not alone in this desire to connect with like-minded artists.  And to that I say...A guild for extra-sensory artist's....if we build it, they will come!

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