Conditioning or Creativity

From my abstract Meditation Ink Painting series

This morning I was awakened with a deep knowing that is hard to put into words. Still, I feel inspired to write about it, possibly to share the insight, but also to anchor it in myself. I often have an understanding of intuitive spiritual concepts and feel as though I 'get' it until they rise again to press themselves even deeper into my if some divine artist is shaping the clay that I am, as I shape the creative energy that runs through me.  This morning was one of those times.  I was shown how very much we, in modern America, have been cut off from the power of true creative energy by an intentional conditioning that we do not even realize we are living under.  We use and see creative energy as a way to 'make stuff' rather than as the life force it truly is for the continual betterment of our life experience. This is not natural nor is it by accident. It is by design! Most won't read the whole article because that is how deep our conditioning runs.  If you feel the need to blow off the things I am sharing, try to read on.  I won't go into much detail in hopes that it won't be too much, and that it might just spark enough of a question in your mind to niggle it's way into your own a-ha moment. As you read, keep this thought in mind...'What might I create; how might my art, my work, my contribution, my life look if conditioning were not in place?'

For some time now I have felt a pull to explore the systems we shape our lives around. Those things we participate in without questioning if the arena is truly what it represents itself to be; our healthcare system, our educational system, our religious institutions, our ideas about what constitutes 'work' or career, our political/governmental system, military, etc. I'm not talking about what's "wrong" or what needs "improvement" in these systems, I am talking about the systems themselves and the intentions behind their design or re-design.

As I began to explore, I was profoundly stirred by the intentional manipulation behind all of these systems. Taking education for example, which I think most would agree is a good thing, I never before saw how it was hijacked to intentionally create a dependent 'working class'.  "Study hard and you can get a good job..." "Do well in school and you will have a good career."  What we don't see is that from janitors to Ph. D's  anyone that trades time for money is working 'for' someone else.  We are never told, follow your passion and all your needs will be met.  We are not encouraged from an early age to look for and pursue an education built around those things that call us.  We are grouped together, lined up in rows and taught little that we will ever use in 'real life', as we are programmed to follow instruction and respond to the ringing of a bell. And, it is illegal not to educate our children based on an "approved" curriculum.  ILLEGAL!

I was shown how much of what we are taught in the curriculum has little to do with the truth.  Math, science, history has all been designed to prevent us from accessing the true wonders that will come to light in the not so distant future.  Our most noted scholars will look like kindergarteners in the face of what is really known by those not limited to the systems within our working those who intentionally designed these systems.  But this is nothing compared to what I have found in reviewing some of the very credible whistle blowers that have been surfacing in the last few years to report on the true design behind standardized testing and our school's "gifted" programs true purpose.  MILAB is not a myth.  And while I won't go into it here, if you have a child in school or know someone that does, you might want to learn about it. And this is just our education system! What about all the other systems we involve ourselves in without questioning the set up behind them. What if politics was intentionally designed to make you think you have a choice and that your vote was responsible for change. Wouldn't that keep the fight going between the parties involved? Yes, as it provided a nice distraction to keep us from looking behind the scene at the true manipulators of all our 'systems'!

If you are still reading, I want to share the a-ha I awoke to this morning.  Because I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, I came to the awareness that if Earth (3rd dimension) is a school for our spiritual evolution, then each situation or person we encounter is a lesson.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, let's look at what this truly means.  Any arena that we are conditioned into aborts the spiritual journey. Anything we do routinely, automatically or without questioning divorces us from an opportunity for spontaneous awakening. The systems in place in our lives (school, work, military, religious, etc.) fall under the umbrella of a larger system we never even see. This is the system which divorces us from the potential that lies within complete attention to the moment at hand in every moment. Fascination, curiosity, exploration are our natural states of being!  If we were not zombied out by conditioned routines and systems, exhaustion from their depleting energy drains, and then programmed by the 'news and entertainment' provided for us by the same folks behind all the other systems, who might we be?  How engaged and evolved might we become?  Might we, the masses, surpass those few who have designed and created a society to keep us entranced and entrenched? Ahh..and there it is, the reason this has been done.  Keeping us a 'working class', believing we have to trade time for money so we can buy their goods while they keep us from free energy, abundant food supplies and all that we would ever need to truly live free and cultivate the God-given gifts of creative expression is their purpose.   

I could go on about how they have stolen or circumvented advancements that would have freed us long ago from disease, famine, energy resources, etc., but if you have even read this far you can begin to pull the thread that will let you find all of this for yourselves.  I am just an artist and an earnest mystic.  As one who was trapped in all that I have mentioned, if I could be awakened I trust that anyone can...if they so desire.  Until then I will keep the enlightening energy of creativity focused toward my own awakening and sharing that through art and writing. I will keep sprinkling my bread crumbs and loving those that mock me, believing I have gone off the deep end.  They will awaken, of that I am sure. But if you are one with children, or grand children, please, look sooner rather than later at the systems you involve them in.  You are their guardian, and school is not what you think it is.

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