The Shadow and Ascension

As individuals we are a microcosmic reflection of the universal/cosmic macrocosm.  The energy (thoughts, beliefs, fears) we must embrace and transcend/transmute are reflections of the very energy the universe/cosmos must also embrace, transcend/transmute.  The difference is the universe/cosmos is fully aware of this process and many of us are blind to it.  Though we are in the midst of it, though it is taking place all around us and within us, if we are aware of it at all we are primarily projecting it outward; projecting it as something to be feared or embraced, dreaded or excited about.

There is a lot of talk these days around the subject of ascension.  Charged with words like "the rapture", "the second coming", "the ascension", "4th/5th dimensional shift", many weigh in on this topic from varying perspectives.  The terms used depend upon which 'camp' you listen to.  There are those in the middle who are so busy with the busy-ness of life that they aren't listening to anyone and this topic holds absolutely no meaning at all.  This shift, regardless of 'belief in it' or 'recognition of it', is happening to us all. On universal, global and personal levels changes are taking place. For most individuals this is happening primarily on an unconscious level.

Personal 'awakening' is not an event!  This is a process and, in many ways, it has been going on for eons and you couldn't miss it if you tried.  It is taking place in each and everyone of us and awareness is the key to a gentler ride.  Universally, yes, an energetic shift like none we have witnessed in our lifetimes is upon us.  We are in a transformational aspect of the process that will astound our world as these shifts play out in our third dimensional perspectives.  But the good news is everyone is coming along for the ride.  As a student of these energies and aspects who consciously works directly with the enlightenment process, I continually bring an unconscious level of awareness into the light of my own mind.  I continually shift and ascend.  It is my work, and for thirty years I have had the good fortune of having this conscious process as a full time job.  I absolutely love it!  And I am grateful to the shadow aspects that introduced me to it and continue to facilitate my ascension process.

That's right, the shadow is there to escort you into the ascension of your very soul!  Bringing the shadow into light is the most rewarding and exciting work I could ever imagine doing.  I share this to encourage those of you frightened or confused by the talk of ascension, and later the reality of it you find in your midst, to stop, take a breath and move into your center; your heart-space. Peace awaits you, eager to help you embrace those shadow aspects holding the very energy you need to transcend.  That's all personal ascension is!  A tiny piece of fear floating to the surface of your awareness to be healed.  These fears often wear big hairy costumes or carry frightening horror stories with them in order to get your attention, but unmask them and they are tiny aspects in need of love and acceptance in order to make you whole. All you have to do is the work directly presenting itself to you.  Face the fear at hand and as you heal that shadow aspect you acquire more light. That is all ascension is!  The acquisition of more and more light.  And get this.....your shadow aspects are lined up in perfect order to be handled by the exact amount of light you have at any given moment to embrace and transmute them! 

As I have shared before, creative energy is the primary tool I use in my shadow work process.  A few years ago my artwork took a completely different direction.  I began creating balanced totem like paintings built around a central core or 'spine'.   From the moment I began creating these pieces they absolutely captivated me. Over time the larger paintings on canvas gave way to smaller and more intricate pieces. After creating a series of small works I felt compelled to paint miniature pieces that required a magnifying glass not only to paint, but to even be appreciated once the piece was finished. I didn't know at the time that this reduction in size was a very significant part of the series as a whole.  Then one day my higher mind made me aware that the entire series of paintings from large to miniature tell the story of transmutation; bringing our shadow aspects into the Light of conscious awareness/awakening/expansion and healing.  I will share this revelation in more detail in my next post along with several of the paintings.  Until then I hope you embrace your shadows as the escorts they are into your individual ascension.

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