The Meaning Of Life and Creative Self Inquiry

From a series of original paintings soon to be shared on DVD entitled Intentional Arts; A One Woman Show

The meaning of life is to plug into one's individual non-physical aspect and express themselves from that perspective of pure light.  It took me almost sixty years, and no doubt countless lifetimes, but I finally uncovered that profound but simple truth.  I say un-covered rather than discovered because it truly is an unveiling process.  See, any knowledge gained from external sources or reasoning through conditioned perceptions is limited and therefore cannot be whole!  The dependence on and attachment to these fragmented perceptions are the very thing that blocks ones infallible and personal non-physical guidance system!  Spiritual self-inquiry not only offers the process of unveiling, it introduces you to your own personal guidance system!  And it is as uniquely attuned to you as you are unique in this physical reality.  As an artist creative energy was my spirituality.  As I came to know it apart from 'making stuff', this powerful energy moved through me to clear away the blocks and opened me to direct guidance from my own non-physical aspect.  I'm not talking about guides and angels, ascended masters or even God.  I'm not advocating or discounting those relationships in the least. I am talking about something scientifically measurable within the energy spectrum of your physical and psychological being.   That is, connecting with the non-physical aspect of your very soul, which is projecting the physical form you experience as your life in this physical reality.  I am talking about establishing a direct channel of communication to your higher mind absent of intercessors or middle-men. 

Recently I was with a woman who was born with the ability to see and interpret the non-physical energies associated with each person.  She remarked that I was in direct communication with my soul aspect and that it spoke through me all of the time.  I had been aware of this for years but it was a profound experience to have it acknowledged by someone who could actually see beyond the light spectrum most of us operate in. I also knew that this direct connection was the result of the creative self-inquiry work I had dedicated almost thirty years to. All your answers truly are within. And as for the questions that come at you about the meaning of life....they rise from the same source that waits to answer them....your soul.    

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