I AM my art - Metaphysics And Creative Energy

I haven't posted in a very long time because I have been involved in some profound changes in my life.  These began just prior to the sudden and unexpected passing of my husband, Phil, in 2013 and have continued. This post is a 'coming out' of sorts to a community I have participated in predominately as an artist.  To those who know me as a student of esoteric studies and lightworker, nothing I share here will be surprising, except for a recent decision.  That is to merge these aspects publicly in order to share an expanded perspective on the use of creative energy.  As a highly introspective introvert mine has been a deeply intimate journey.  Were I not being guided to share my experiences with the profound connecting and healing aspects of creative energy I would be happy to remain cloistered away in my studio....in my own little corner, in my own little room.....so to speak.  But I am being guided outward in a single direction, and the beginning of this transition is sharing with one another the two worlds I have learned and grown from.

As is true of most creative types, my passion for creativity has been with me since childhood.  Also present was a pervasive curiosity that was insatiable, and like the small child that asks "why" without ceasing, this has continued throughout my life. Who we are, where we come from and what we are doing here was never far from my innermost thoughts.  While it has been my life's mission to answer these seemingly unanswerable questions, I have not been alone in these quests.  Until recently I had my partner, Phil since my mid thirties, and I am still embraced by a sisterhood I have had since my 40's who walk along side me in this journey toward spiritual awakening and metaphysical abilities. 

As an artist I was always much more interested in creative energy itself rather than the media through which it was expressed, or the 'product' it produced.  For quite some time I was perplexed as to why I had no interest in building a portfolio or artistic career. My association with shows, awards and publications was mostly at the urging of others or as part of group projects.  Once I achieved these I noticed I carried a 'been there, done that' energy around that aspect of achievement.   Recognition did little for me in the way of feeling 'accomplished'.  What did bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment was the creative process itself.  I was fascinated with the way creative energy moved through me and 'in-formed' me.  Much of the time I was aware that I was simply the instrument through which creative energy moved.  This is not an unusual experience for creative types either. In fact it is this active meditation aspect of art-making that has so expanded both the art and craft industry we have today.  However, in my mid-thirties I was shaken to my core as some introspective questioning I had been doing was answered through creative energy in a most unusual way.  I was literally awakened in the middle of the night, drawn to my studio in an almost trance like haze, and while I 'watched' from one vantage point, a huge painting was created from another vantage point...through me.  As if this was not amazing enough, this was not the most profound aspect of this experience.  Following hours that flew like minutes, I found myself on the sofa in my studio starring into this new piece of artwork while what I can only describe as downloads of non-physical communications filled me, healing and informing aspects of a fragmented self that I was not even aware of.  While this type of 'direct communication' is common place for metaphysical practitioners today, it was not common place at that time, nor was it something I understood at all.  But I knew it was good and I knew it was valuable.

With a background in counseling I was aware something profound and more alive than any psychological tool had been accessed and I would not rest until I fully understood it. From that day forward my prayer and my quest was to understand and align with this powerful energy, and this unequaled healing process.  As I set out to understand the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-actualization I did not realize the long and winding journey it would be. Now, almost thirty years later I can assure you it has not been without its rewards and gifts of the Spirit.

Because of this quest I have studied many energy healing modalities and even become certified in a few, however these can't begin to compare with the ongoing connection I have developed with Direct Knowledge through higher mind.  Through channeled artwork and writings and daily instruction my awareness has grown profoundly.  For those that have said to me with regard to spiritual matters..."Well, you just can't know"... I reply, "Oh yes you can! Once you drop all your stories and conditioning by plugging directly into the rest of yourself; your own personal non-physical aspect, you can know absolutely, profoundly and personally!"  because that's how it works.  The meaning of my life is to plug into my own Personal Guidance System and express myself from that perspective of pure light.  And to all those who feel guided to focus their creative energy in the direction of spiritual awakening and metaphysical understanding I can only say that of all the beautiful things I have created, this awakening I continue to experience is truly my greatest work of art.....I AM my art!

And now this blog will reflect all that I am with regard to creative exploration, insight and expression.  I will included channeled writings and esoteric revelations along with my artwork and shows centered on sharing all that is available through the medium of creative energy itself. I have included a page on the blog that shares my story in more detail ( I AM my art- The Metaphysical Application of Creative Energy).  I have also updated my website where I share even more of the process of this that I call Intentional Arts.  I invite you to explore these if you feel interested in knowing more.  It is with gratitude that I thank the wonderful friends and teachers that have embraced me in both the creative an spiritual arenas.  My journey would not be complete without both 'camps'.