Bird Inspired Sculptures

In 2011 I began sculpting a series inspired by bird imagery.  The first collection, some of which are depicted above, featured masks, tiny windows revealing glass beads inside that allowed the sculpture to double as a rattle.  These were so popular that I continued to sculpt a new series each year for release just before the end of year holidays.  Rather than sharing similar characteristics, the second group, some of which are pictured below, are more individual in nature.

The third group, pictured below, has probably been my favorite to date.  I chose to have them look as though they could have just been unearthed, from an archeology site.  Again I went back to the concept of similarity among the though they were individual members of a shared species.
The popularity of these palmed sized creatures has been exciting to watch.  I have begun to play around with the design for this years collection.  I am thinking of doing them as couples.  Two to a set, similar in design with more human faces.  The first pair of these have winged their way to Memphis via my girlfriend and business partner.  Watch for a posting of them once I get the flock finished.