Balancing Act

Stacking rocks in Creede Colorado
It's been almost a year since my last post and nearing two years since being catapulted into the sudden and unexpected realm of widowhood.  The loss of my husband was preceded two days before by the passing of my father and had me grieving the absence of the two most influential men in my life.  This and standing in as a caretaker for my sweet sister/friend of more than 20 years as she battles the same diagnosis my Phil received (just a week following his diagnosis), has kept me very focused on the journey that is life.  In all this I am grateful for my spiritual practice in A Course In Miracles and the teachings of those who assist me in awakening from the daily trances we call life rather than getting snagged and pulled under by them.

My work has sustained me and the journey into life anew has been filled with many gifts and insights.  On the studio front much has happened, not the least of which was the loss of almost all my blog images.  Fortunately the text portions remained and I have only to upload the associated imagery.  This glitch however has given me the opportunity to rethink the blog-sphere and how I want to use it. Instead of different blogs for different media, I have decided to create one space for sharing my work in textiles, painting, and sculpture.  This will take quite a bit of cutting and pasting...and more than a bit of editing, but I hope to have it done this week.  My poetry and prose blog will remain in tact at

I am happy to report that my life has filled with wonderful new experiences and several months ago a very special someone came along to share it all with.  A fellow artist, he and I have found a lifestyle that embraces the lives we created before meeting, while supporting the one ahead we intend to nurture together.  From time to time I'll post some of his studio work just to lend a glimpse into the fascinating realm I am privileged to live in  each and every day.

My own work continues to evolve as does my creative process within the series of  paintings I have shared thus far. Hopefully I'll get some new work posted soon. To all those who have embraced me in the last two years with prayers and extensions of kindness I love and thank you so very much.  My life has been filled with a depth of understanding and compassion that only times of loss can usher in.  My friends and family have been truly a Godsend! I love you all.

The quilt below was a group project that I worked on just before Phil learned of his illness. My proposal to the group of this subject matter was perhaps a foreshadowing of the balancing act my life was about to become. The top photo is reflective of a full circle journey, stacking real rocks in Creede Colorado on what would have been our 22nd wedding anniversary.