Thread Painting

Entitled, Mermaid this is a detail photo of the larger 37"x42" art-quilt
In one of my posts I touched on my hand drawn quilts so I thought in this post I would expand on that a bit by covering my one and only thread painted piece.  While this remains a favorite among family, friends, and gets a lot of attention when exhibited, I am quite sure I will never do another in this style.  Not that it wasn't fun....but anything creative I try for the first time is fun.  That doesn't mean I want to keep doing it.  I think I just like to know what skills are in my repertoire. Trying new stuff shows me that.  I also think stretching oneself creatively is part of an artists work.  This piece was that for me at the time I attempted it.  The imagery was drawn entirely from my imagination on batik fabric with a dark, green/black mixture I made from Tsukineko inks. All of the other coloring was done with thread and beading. This was my first art-quilt to be published in an international magazine and that was fun.  Not as hard as it looks....If you can draw, color, and sew thread-painting just might be your 'thing'!