More Words About Words

Meet the women of the A-ha Studio.  These are whimsical 17"x17" art-quilts that incorporate words and imagery. In previous posts I touched upon my passion for writing. Word-play is as much a part of my creative voice as is the imagery I like to express.  This is evident in my a series entitled Women of the A-ha Studio.  Creating caricatures from both vintage and modern portrait photographs, I have given these women not only a unique presence but an introspective voice to match.
Many of the perspectives these pieces depict come from my own journey as well as my background in counseling.  I think the ability to look upon our life with humor and gratitude for lessons learned is the evidence of true personal growth.  My hope is that the characters in this series reflect the same.  As wit mixes with a bit of wisdom, my goal is to lend a perspective of hope and humility to our sometimes all-to-human condition.
 Planned as an ongoing series, here are just three of the pieces I have recently finished.  Some of these hang independently, while others are grouped into one piece. Yet even those connected in a group manner will be finished separately, each portrayal bound with their own 'limits and boundaries'.  Having facilitated individual as well as 'group sessions' in my work with women's issues I feel these pieces lend themselves wonderfully to mimicking that dynamic.
Anyone working in the addiction recovery arena will relate to most of the messages conveyed in this work.  I have a great affection for both the colleagues and clients I have met in my life that remain dedicated to a quality of life beyond sobriety or co-dependence.  This series is my nod to that work and that choice.  Recovering individuals are among some of the strongest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and I truly enjoy creatively celebrating their courage and tenacity.  I also know that sometimes what is obvious to others is often unrecognizable to the person living in the midst of dysfunction.  To those, perhaps one or more of these will offer a bit of enlightenment in a non-threatening context.

Words are just symbols, pointing, as imagery does, to those places inside ourselves beyond words and images.  I believe they are the mile markers on a journey waking us to higher and higher states of consciousness.  My artwork is simply a contribution to that cause.