Never At A Loss With Found Photo's

Entitled, Masques Optional. art-quilt 36x36

Entitled, Beachwalk, artquilt, 24"x36"
In the last post I promised to offer a bit about my process, so here are some of my 'found photo' art-quilts and a bit about how I created the imagery.  The first art-quilt I created from a found photo was one I called Masques Optional.  A commentary on the option to explore the persona's we wear, and instead live out of what lies behind them.  An amateur photographer since my high school days, I began to manipulate photos the moment I was introduced to the dark room.  Playing with double exposures and "trick" photography captivated me.  One of my first pieces was a photo of my brother playing cards with himself as his opponent.  Given this fascination, you can imagine how my work was influenced once Photoshop hit the market.  I think that is why so much of my representational textile art begins with a photo I can't resist.  I always have a camera with me, and my kids will tell you that around our house the word "cheese" has little to do with food.

Entitled The Three Man Fish Band; Practicing Their Scales, art-quilt 30"x33"
When digital artists began to play with surrealism I was even more enthralled.  But with art-quilts, tiny little details within pictorial work can get lost.  So, while occasionally I create digital pieces that I know I'll never quilt, my found photo art quilts tend to only share one or two obviously altered images. The piece to the right entitled The Three Man Fish Band; Practicing Their Scales is a perfect example.  After digitally altering the colors I replaced the violinists instrument with a fish.  Then I did a bit of work to the background and printed three fabric pieces of the same image.  After piecing these together I began to paint them with fabric paint for added texture and depth. I then added inner and outer borders of batik fabric before quilting and embellishing.  This piece remained in my collection until my son decided it was his!  I still enjoy its whimsical nature.