Strange Folk

Entitled, Flutter-by, art-quilt  19"x37"
In my last post I introduced caricature as a way of also manipulating the photos I work with.  But because the subject of that post was more about incorporating my love of writing into my art-quilt pieces, I wanted to write a bit about the caricature process itself. 

Using portrait photos of very real people, I digitally stretch and pull them into exaggerated versions of themselves.  I then paint and enhance them digitally before printing the images on fabric.  Once printed, I use a variety of inks or paints to further enhance the image if necessary.  On the piece above I appliqued the pink cheek on the face from a piece of hand dyed fabric.  In a whimsical, fairy type piece like this one, a normally proportioned human face just wouldn't have worked. As with all my work, I plug in intuitively and let the image tell me what it needs.   The butterfly in her hand is three dimensional, as are a few scattered along the surface, and seem to have landed upon the art-quilt.  Designed specifically for a feeling of enchantment, my only regret is that I didn't make the hand as disproportionate as the face. I feel this would have made the whole piece feel a bit more cohesive.  Still the piece is a favorite among those that buy my prints.

Entitled, Friendship, art-quilt 22"x35"
While we're on the topic of 'Strange Folk' I need to share my latest piece (above).  Again this one incorporates my love of writing and use of text within my art-quilts. I had a great time designing these two beings.  On the larger figure only the face is digitally rendered and printed on fabric.  The rest of her is drawn and pieced from separate pieces of fabric.  The small figure however, was digitally designed from head to toe.  Only the tiny heart she holds in her hand was added as applique.