Journey Women

Entitled, Journey Women,(aka Lady Blue) 12"x30" art-quilt
This piece was done to commemorate the sixteenth anniversary of a women's circle that is dedicated to personal and spiritual growth.  This was a circle I gave myself for my 40th birthday by extending an invitation to four women.  We gathered together monthly for the first four years and continue to do so several times a year.  Symbolic in nature, the figure represents each of the women as individuals while embracing the five member group as a whole, represented in the bouquet she holds in her hands.  Free motion quilting extends the bouquet into a garden of flowers that cover the entire area of her dress.  Leaf and spiral patterns within the body symbolize the ever growing nature of their commitment to introspection and evolution. The batik background was echo quilted following the floral pattern in the cloth.

It was great fun designing and executing this piece and it has proved to be the jumping off point for several works in this style that feature women as the main subject. Upon completion the figure resembled one of the group members whose birthday happen to fall on the month of our next gathering.  Synchronistically, the flower symbolism also represented her family.  Therefore it seemed only fitting that this piece hang in her home.