Deep In The Heart

Entitled Deep In The Heart, this entire piece was created using only one fabric, manipulated with ink and fused to the dark black background.
Homesick for the star studded country sky that eludes me in the city, I was inspired to bring the feel into my studio.   The title is a nod to the song lyrics "The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas."  However, no matter how many photos I take they just don't convey the feel of this art-quilt in person.  The realism of the tree bark was achieved by shading a single print fabric that I cut into this interesting twisted branch.  A handful of multifaceted crystals are scattered among tiny silver seed beads to suggest the stars in the night sky.  They twinkle and gleam as it is viewed from different areas and that adds such a dimension of interest and fun.  This 3-D quality creates quite an illusion when viewed in person.  This piece has inspired a nature/woodlands series that I am considering exploring in the next year or so.