Not A "Nasty Woman" and Why.

As hundreds of thousands of women across the planet prepared to march in solidarity for things they believed needed addressing, I stood back and watched.  I watched my feelings, my thoughts, my lack of desire to join in, and yet my unwillingness to criticize this choice.  And while I intuitively, though not rationally knew this was not my choice, I watched myself defend this "movement" when I heard it negated. 

All week, as talk of the marches came across my Facebook feed I watched myself chew on the idea of this demonstration.  Today I read the posts and marveled at the images as the marches unfolded.  Then, just to make sure I really understood the whole "nasty" thing, I googled a bit about the origin of the word. In doing so I read that women had "turned the tables" on Trump's use of this word against Hillary by aligning with her in this act of defiance against his obvious misogyny.  I even listened to Ashley Judd on youtube as she passionately spoke and women cheered.  And that's when I knew I was NOT "a nasty woman" as were the marchers, cheerers and supporters of this beautiful madness.  In that moment, at the end of her poetic rant about inequality, sexist oppression and all the things I also believed in standing up for, I knew at last why I was not standing in one of these crowds, carrying a sign and wearing a "pink pussy cap"  as I marched with this sisterhood.  It was because these are not MY sisters.  

MY sisters, few though they seem in comparison to these masses, ACT rather than RE-act! Prompted from within by what they are 'for' rather than moved by another toward what they oppose!  MY sisters, who also did not desire a Trump presidency...nor a Clinton victory, can see and acknowledge that were it not for him there would be no march, no outspoken solidarity, no movement toward what these women believe they do not stirring inside them, to shake them awake.  And in seeing this, MY sisters, those quiet, wise women who move from the heart in mystical ways that ripple the energetic fabric of consciousness, know that in this alone, Mr. Trump is doing his job!  Not as President, but as a soul upon this planet in this incarnation of The Artful Trickster, the boy-man megalomaniac, the narcissist that is revealing the shadow of America!  Helping to bring the dark and ugly narcissistic nature of greed and hatred and prejudice that has been the cornerstone of The American Way to the surface for us all to see.....and heal!  MY sisters know it is this we must recognize if we are ever to truly be free.  As women marched in solidarity with the one Trump called "a nasty woman", MY sisters know that he knows more than they do when it comes to the woman they are still blind to.  MY sisters know that she is the shadow side of the feminine. The dark and evil destroyer aspect that too must be seen, acknowledged, embraced, forgiven and healed as she is held accountable.  She is but one in a long line of players that keeps the game of Republican vs. Democrat alive to give the illusion of choice to the masses.  MY sisters are awake to this!  Therefore, MY sisters are not "nasty women".  MY sisters embrace and embody all that we are as sovereign souls, free, abundant and unlimited in all that truly matters.  Our demonstrations take place in the quiet of our minds and the openness of our hearts as we work, not passively but actively, to shift the frequencies toward love, understanding that everything outside ourselves is merely a reflection of that which lies within....individually as well as collectively.  It is this understanding that must be aligned and integrated in each of us.  And when that is done, and only when that is done, will the world reflect back to us a place where peace and equality abide for all.  

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