Something A Little Fishy

Tsukineko Ink on pale Batik fabric,
here is the work at the drawing stage.

From the drawing board....literately!  Since drawing is my first love, bringing my sketches to life in hand drawn art-quilts is always fun.  I wanted to post a few 'before' pictures to share the drawing part of the process before I move to the quilting stage. This drawing was done with blue Tsukineko ink on a piece of pale cotton batik fabric and measures 40" wide by 18" tall. I have a bit more painting to do, but only deepening blue of the border. A few other colors will be added in the quilting and embellishment, but for the most part this will be a monochromatic piece resembling a carved relief.

When I began painting this piece all I had worked out was the woman and fish.  I drew those onto paper first, then transferred them to the fabric with a pencil. Because I prefer to work intuitively rather than have everything planned out, the rest of the image evolved from my imagination as I painted around these central figures. Above is a detail photo.  The background will recede a bit more because I plan to quilt it with dark thread.  This will allow the figures to be featured even more, and they will be quilted with lighter threads.  I'll be posting the finished piece as soon as I have it's done

The quilting completed and the facing applied, I have chosen the title, 'Something A Little Fishy' for this title of this new piece.  As you can see I made a few changes to the right side of the drawing before quilting.  I felt that darkening the right border to match the left  helped balance the piece better.  A bit of beading and embroidery will finish it off. But first...a few detail images to give you a better look at the free motion quilting....

The finished piece and detail images.