Dana Friis-Hanson, former director of  both the Houston and Austin Museums of Art,
pictured above left at the Quattro Gallery's Eye of the Needle II art-quilt show in Austin
I think the best way to begin this blog is to offer up a bit of info on art-quilts for those unfamiliar with this unique art-form.  Art-quilts are not the heavy, wonderful, hand-pieced blankets topping the mattresses at granny's house.  They are the bright, subtle, whimsical or serious pieces of fiber art that's rapidly gaining interest for both collectors and artisans around the world.  When it comes to art-quilts there are as many styles as there are artists.  Art-quilts range from traditionally pieced, appliqued, and quilted, to hand painted, or digitally generated fabrics that are often heavily quilted and embellished.  These fantastic works of art are finding their place in galleries, museums, private and corporate collections.  The photo above is from one of my own gallery shows here in Austin.  That's Dana Friis-Hanson above, taking in some of my work, when he served as director of the Austin Museum of Art.  Respecting his vast knowledge of art, when he took me aside to comment on the "whimsical and unexpected sophistication" of my work, needless to say I was speechless with delight. Below are more pics from the show.