With In

#62 With In, Otherwyze Series
Being one with the journey inward is the meaning behind the title of this painting.  Metaphorically this painting speaks to the 'music' that we play for our own enlightenment.  Not concerned with the making his mark on the world, the piper in this painting is inner focused for the purpose of spiritual awakening. Dragonfly imagery figures into almost every painting in this series in one way or another.  This is my own personal symbol and also represents an ongoing spiritual connection with my husband since his passing.  In this painting, the dragonfly symbol of 'the enlightened journey' ushers in the emerging shadow figures that it engages.  As the piper plays, the dragonfly coaxes the fear from its hiding place and transforms it into light, the melody which shines upward from his pipe. This 'music' creates a crown of enlightened thought, represented by the golden beads surrounding his mind.