The Wyzened

#51 The Wyzened; Otherwyze Series
In February my wonderful husband of 22 years, Phil, awakened to the world beyond form.  Taken so unexpectedly, though he is with me in spirit, I miss his sweet presence.  He was, from the day we met, the most supportive and encouraging person in my life with regard to my spiritual journey and creative explorations.  This new series is dedicated to him for far too many reasons to name.  The foundational sketches of many of the paintings in this series were actually made at his bedside in the last weeks of his life.  The tiny acrylic and pencil sketches afforded me a container for the thoughts and feelings that rose and fell inside of me as we learned his time here was nearing an end.  Working on them in the hospital as he slept his last weeks away, they carried me into a sort of timeless-ness and spaceless-ness needed in such circumstances.  Bringing them to completion as finished paintings serves me in these times since his passing.

This painting is one of my very favorite,  entitled Wyzened, is a symbolic depiction of Phil's journey through and beyond the physical world. Read from the bottom up, it tells the story of the enlightened child, born with heightened gifts of guidance, and of the love he brought to the world through the masks he abandoned in exchange for transparency. It is a painting of deep introspection, purpose, love and enlightenment, all aspects of Phil's life. Filled with personal as well as archetypal symbolism this painting finishes with the depiction of a bearded wise man who embraced the lessons he came for and shared them by example; the Wyzened.