#53, Elevated, Otherwyze series.
Moments of epiphany and the sudden elevated states of consciousness that accompany mystical experiences are what this piece speaks to for me. Often such spontaneous experiences bind individuals to the impetus that they associate it with.  Other times such experiences ensnare individuals into the quest for endless states of expanded awareness, believing that to be true spiritual oneness.....when actually it is a natural product of our metaphysical nature.  Having had my share of these wonderful, magical states I understand the pull they have and the desire to connect them to a tangible source.  But the truth is that, by their very nature, they are intangible and can not be contained within dogma or belief.  They are born out of no-thing and as profound as these experiences are, they must remain just that...no-thing.  All the teachings in the world that have any truth, teach this.