#61 Depths, Otherwyze Series
Simply entitled Depths, aquatic imagery and soothing colors associated with the sea are predominant in this painting.  Water, symbolizing spiritual growth and the unconscious, is featured in the lower half of this painting.  A hallmark of the Otherwyze series, only continued inspection reveals the degree to which tiny creatures and strange beings lurk.  These represent both the shadow side of life and the enlightened opportunities that await should we embrace our fears and our secrets.  The predominate, central figure in each painting is the channel through which these fears and secrets are embraced and expressed.  In this painting for example, having found a way to 'breathe under water' (embrace the depths of ones fear) an opening of enlightenment blooms in the heart above giving birth to a host of seers and guides. These not only bring us into the light of day, but sprout a garden of wisdom under which to live, as represented in the crown of flora studded with nuggets of gold.