Child's Play

#73 Child's Play, Otherwyze Series
A hooded serpent is symbolized in the outer imagery of this painting.  In many cultures this is representative of immortality, eternity and guardianship.  Looking within this serpentine image we see that the lower half is in the shape of a child's spinning top. The very bottom of this figure is adorned with leafy imagery symbolizing the grounded nature of the child, while the top of the head depicts a wide open crown chakra. This speaks to the inherent ability of a child to more easily access enlightened realms while remaining connected to this world. The wing-like imagery sprouting from behind the child represents his ability to ignore the chaotic spinning that this world generates and sustain balance by connecting to that which truly serves him. The playful image of the child's guides enfolded in the light and bright colors juxtaposes the muted, serious tones of the world in which the child has incarnated. This points to the wisdom in the phrase "lighten up" used to address those caught up in seriousness, in that when we let go of being overly serious we do indeed access more 'light' or enlightened thought.  Closer inspection of the child's face, reveals the imagery of both a young boy and an old man. This symbolizes the journey from childhood through adulthood that this child has embarked upon and the opportunity to carry our early openness with us into the life in which we have been born.  

*On a personal note this painting is an image-story for my grandson, Tyler Darris.  The merging of the young and old faces also represents the great-grand father that he was named after and the grandfather he loved, both of whom now watch over him from the heavens.