Pipers Dream

#22 Pipers Dream; Otherwyze Series
The paintings in this series are image stories and many can be read like totems. From the bottom up this piece tells a story of the trans-formative power of music, which represents the frequency we all carry within.  Notice the heart held in the wings of the piper upon which the instrument is laid, and the swirling melody that gives birth to the folded wings of the piper.  The butterfly tattoo on the forehead of the piper, symbolizing transformation, is mirrored in the mouth of the higher self who inspires the music through the meditating spirit of the piper, lost in the melodic vibration.

For me this painting speaks to the frequency that we each carry and the choices we make about expressing it through the instrument of our lives.  If our 'music' comes through the heart it will keep us centered and allow peaceful transitions through even the most chaotic times.  And, as symbolized by the swirling imagery coming from the pipe itself, our 'music' is never contained, but has an effect on the world around us.