New Series......

Winged Things takes flight.... From this wonderfully enjoyable series a new direction has evolved that takes this work in an unexpected but completely captivating direction.  And because it builds on so much of the process I developed in creating the Winged Things series, I am even more excited about exploring the imagery that is emerging.

Where Winged Things will remain a monochromatic series that I am sure will continue, this new work brings anadded dimension of color.  These mixed media paintings on bamboo paper blend acrylic, colored pencil, ink and hints of gold and silver leaf.

As much as I enjoy the Winged Things and Other Fascinations Series, I know I will continue it. However, it seems to have also served as a springboard for what is to come.  Entitled Otherwyze, this new series embraces my fascination with uncommon states of consciousness and mystical experiences.  'Otherwyze', the title for the series, speaks to a wisdom that is always otherwise available if we can remove our conditioning or 'learned' knowledge that stands in its way.  I have dedicated a blog page to the Winged THings series that shares further information about the Otherwyze series as well.